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OCCHS is a hash server for UNIX.  It's job is to be asked what
the hash is for a specific client, the file in the distribution set, the
offset and the length of the hash.  It works over UDP/IP.

OCCHS stands for OverChat Client Hash Server.

Maintainer is David Duncan Ross Palmer <>

The OverChat server relies on this server.
This server relies on Blake for the hashing functions and client IDs.
Clients must do their summing in a similar fashion to send to the OverChat
server when a demand is met.


The box this server runs on must not be accessable to the public!

Installation notes:
Run this server on a machine which is acessable to the server but not
accessable to the public.  Then set the hostname and port in overchat.ini
so the server knows where it is on the network.  All the clients which are
authorised to connect are under the directory structure of this branch of
the tree.  If you don't understand the hierarchy, don't touch it!