occommittee / craig_convo.txt

[17:35:36] overlord: It's just a case of luck for how long the server will run without encountering a race condition because of the queue locks being disabled
[17:36:19] craig410: ah right
[17:36:37] overlord: The amount o debug messages coming from the server console is incredible =D
[17:37:05] craig410: LOL and DDRP glaring at them like the Matrix :p
[17:37:27] overlord: All I need to do is enable the queue locks again and try to find out where Blake fscks up and doesn't release one of the locks... and then with a tickle of luck it will be stable... then we can concentrate on ne features
[17:37:46] craig410: w00t
[17:37:48] overlord: s/ne/new/;
[17:38:01] overlord: Try the whois feature ;)
[17:38:07] craig410: whats over chat written in again? is it C or C++
[17:38:09] overlord: You'll note that the IP address feature works now
[17:38:18] overlord: It's nearly all C... there is some C++
[17:38:34] craig410: IP: :p
[17:38:40] overlord: Yup... that's Pavilion
[17:38:43] craig410: cool
[17:39:04] overlord: Your address just appears as Hauge's IP... as I still don't have transparent port forwarding
[17:39:19] craig410: ah right
[17:39:38] overlord: OverChat owns you >=)
[17:39:46] overlord: I shall never abandon it's development
[17:39:59] OverChat: Requesting version information
[17:40:02] craig410: good
[17:40:03] craig410: Good morning!  I am Oberchatten 0.4.5
[17:40:08] craig410: its brilliant
[17:40:27] craig410: makes people like me really impressed and makes them want to be programmers too :)
[17:40:48] overlord: My son Carly wants to be a programmer now, heh
[17:41:02] overlord: I leant her the programming primer book
[17:41:03] craig410: heh
[17:41:27] overlord: I'm surprised this hasn't crashed yet.
[17:41:41] overlord: When I logged out last, it causes an assert trap to fire in DayboThreads
[17:41:46] overlord: *caused
[17:45:00] craig410: it seems quite stable from this end
[17:45:18] overlord: Yeah, 11 minutes so far