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$Id: build.txt,v 0.2 2003/01/30 00:06:00 ddrp Exp $

Instructions for building the OverChat source tree.

1) Supported systems
2) Tested systems
3) Generic build instructions for UNIX
4) Generic build instructions for Borland C++
5) Generic build instructions for Micro$oft Visual C++
6) Dependencies
7) Cleaning up
8) Build system credits

1) Supported systems
Windows NT - Borland C++
FreeBSD with GNU make
GNU/Linux with GNU make

2) Tested systems
Windows NT 5 - Borland C++ 5.02
FreeBSD 4.7-STABLE GNU make 3.79.1 (gcc 2.95.4)
YDL Linux 1.2 (kernel 2.2.17-0.6.1) (PPC) GNU make 3.78.1 (gcc 2.95.2)

3) Generic build instructions for UNIX
You'll need to use GNU make, if gmake is not GNU make, try make instead,
if that's not it, you'll need to fetch GNU make from here:
Don't type the $ in these commands, these represent the command prompt:

First build the configure program known as the autoconfigurator:
$ cd configure
$ gmake

Now type
$ ./configure --help
  You will see many options, choose the options you want and re-run
  configure with the relevant switches.  Just run ./configure for a
  default configuration.  If you want good control, type
  ./configure --interactive

Now type
$ cd ..
  to return to the main build directory.

Now type
$ gmake

(or make) which should start the build process.

4) Generic build instructions for Borland C++
$ make -f Makefile.bor

5) Generic build instructions for Micro$oft Visual C++
It is not currently possible to build on Visual C++ unless it is done via
the GUI.

6) Dependencies
Dependencies are handled automatically by state one of the build process.
Lists of dependencies are generated every time the build process is started
from the main directory.  If you need local dependencies to be updated in
any part of the tree run make depend.
Cross-directory dependencies aren't always made for libraries.  If you're
rebuilding a program based on a library whose source has been modified,
it is unlikely you will get a program built with the updated library.
Rebuild the library first or rebuild the whole source tree.
Our dependencies are generated by daybodep, it is supplied in the
distribution under the GPL.  You can download a copy from:

7) Cleaning up
On UNIX systems type gmake clean.  The source tree will be
recursively cleaned of all temporary files, object code and executable
programs.  To delete .resp (response files for the dependency system)
and remove configuration information use gmake -f Makefile.gnu mrproper.
To release the tree, run release.sh, this will delete any files which
have been accidentally left by editors, other build systems, debuggers,
other compilers and other linkers.

8) Build systems credits
GNU Makefiles - David Duncan Ross Palmer <daybologic.co.uk/mailddrp>
Borland Makefiles - David Duncan Ross Palmer <daybologic.co.uk/mailddrp>
daybodep - David Duncan Ross Palmer <daybologic.co.uk/mailddrp>
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