oclegacy / todo.txt

$Id: todo.txt,v 0.2 2003/10/27 11:55:00 ddrp Rel $

DDRP: Add database verification on server start and possibly periodically

DDRP: Add SHA-1 to overchat/daybocrypt and change license as much as algorithms allow

DDRP: Write a common command line tools library including a standard parameter interface for dealing with "--" and "-n 19" etc (like nice)  Don't forget options for printing errors via a callback in the case of invalid parameters

DDRP: SHA-1 support

DDRP: Create tools/verify_filelist to verify the package is complete

DDRP: OberChatten to try most secure hash first and then use less secure ones as they fail

DDRP: Find annoying failure to free an array (DPCRTLMM)

DDRP: Secure client authentication server (for people who want to ensure only clients they allow can log in)

DDRP: Move email addresses for database backup to overchat.ini (from shitoptions.h)

DDRP: Other SHA support

DDRP: Create a tool to create a default empty database (or nearly empty apart from an "OverChat" user)

DDRP: Make a class to handle Blake and only use Blake through it make it auto destroying and the like


DDRP: Add SIG_IGN instead of handler in SIGPIPE handlers and such

Poisonable identifiers (#pragma GCC poison)

Add capabillities and client specific capabillities. new packet getcaps?

Error notices if mails fail to be sent in OCQuery (better handling of sendmail)

INI file writer for UNIX systems to be completed.

Add new macro FULL_SERVER defined only for the central server not sub-servers.

Advertising support.

Grep for strncpy/strcpy and make sure that all uses are absolutely safe, especially that strncpy()'s are followed by manual termination of the last character in a string.

Move threading API entirely into Blake <~ Major enginnering work

>>>Make ocreg update logs ??? (ocreg is dormant)

Add a DPCRTLMM option to use PTH locks and not POSIX locks

Client clean ups

Make server print warning of regusers.db2 is not present

Seperate the database server from the main server <~ Major engineering work

Total split up of services <~ Major engineering work

The event system should copy Oberchatten, ie, it must only call handlers which are relevant and not every single one, to save call time a bit ;)

Drop r00t privelleges!

Add 180 second ping/pong to prevent extended dead people using OverChat for 24 hours

Add logoff packet to ensure users sign off correctly

User sound effects on demand (CTCP SOUND blah.wav type of thing)

Add safe allocator to allow SBeast to come into the project without fouling up memory...

Ensure root or password '*' cannot login to OverChat <~ This may have been done

Ensure OverChat does not allow a dynamic password update for user root

SO_REUSEADDR in Blake networking connect

gaim plugin
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