oclegacy / build.bat

@Echo off
echo Attention!  Attention!  Attention!
echo ----------------------------------
echo You are about to Build OVERCHAT.  A chat server written by David
echo Duncan Ross Palmer of Daybo Logic.  DDRP (
echo This is protected work by copyright and source is not for outside use.
echo You will need Borland C++ on the path in order to perform the
echo compilation.  It is assumed that you are building on Windows NT.
echo Windows 9x may work but some areas of the build may fail and some
echo of the resulting binaries may fail.
echo DOS, or a 16-bit C++ compiler are not good enough for this build
echo process.
echo The build may take some time.
Make -f Makefile.bor
echo Review the above message, if the build was successful you will find many
echo programs scattered around.  The following EXE programs were produced:
dir *.exe /s /b