oclegacy / overchat.ini

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; INI file to control the OverChat server's behaviour, be careful what
; you change here.  Most things will not be read until the server is
; restarted.  On UNIX systems, send the signal SIGHUP to overchatd to
; reread this file.

; Remember: This is a development release of the server, don't expect all
;           these options to work.

; Bugs should be mailed to

Port=3277               ; Listen on port 3277, not used by anything I know.

RegUsers=regusers.db2   ; You shouldn't need to change this.

Connections=256         ; A limit on the amount of connections your server can take (change this to suit your bandwidth)
ConnectionsPerIP=8      ; To avoid one person (or NAT enabled network) using all the connections up

Clones=1                ; 1 or 0, allow or not to allow cloning, not allowing cloning is very strict, I would keep it 1 to allow for NAT enabled networks.
RemoteShutdown=1        ; Allow administrator to remotely shutdown the server incase of an emergency.
RemoteRestart=1         ; Allow administrator to remotely restart the server.
Chats=1                 ; 1 or 0, allow group chats
Messages=1              ; 1 or 0, allow private messages
AllowInvisible=1        ; 1 or 0, allow invisible users
AllowGuests=1           ; 1 or 0, allow guest users who are not registered (they are given temporary nicks)
AllowUserRegister=1     ; 1 or 0, allow new users to simply register themselves when signing on.