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OK, I have sorted out a draft of the titles in OverChat.
I'll start from the very bottom, the lowest of the low and work up to
the gods of OverChat.

Unauthorised - Placeholder for a user to be killed.
Guest chatter
Rookie chatter - This is what almost everyone will be.
Beta tester (lesser) - Promotion for people who help find problems.
Rookie representitive - Elected by rookies to represent your problems
to the user representitive
Rookie whip - A person who's job it is to enforce order
The chairman of the whips - A person to enforce order in the whips
User representitive - Who's job it is to speak to officers, no other
person has authority to enter reserved rooms.

Officers - elected by the gods
- ------------------------------
Service controller - Who has privellege to change some of the rules
of the game
Head controller - Who can expell bad service controllers
Member of the board - Member of no specific portfolio who has
privellege to partaketh in discussions of the board of officers and
Chairman of the board - Who's job it is to organise meetings and
oversee them
Finantial advisor to the gods - Who comments on adverts and other
commercial issues relating to the service with the board and with the
Spiritual advisor to the gods - Who's job it is to pass on feelings
of the users from the users' representitive(s) and discuss any other
matters he feels the gods must know about.

- -----------
Beta tester (greater) - A beta tester especially trusted by the gods
Code patcher - A person trusted to submit patches to the team
Programmer - A programmer who is not trusted to have source he
doesn't need.
System designer - A person who specialises in chat systems and can
talk about new server designs and features with the board
DLOB Engineer - A person working on the DLOB Open Source protocol or
the DLOB to Blake bridge.
Blake Engineer - A person adding to and changing the Blake protocol
to keep spammers and unauthorised users out and to maintain protocol
Fully authorised engineer - A programmer with complete, current
access to the private source tree.

The gods
- --------
(note: Always bow to a god as he enters a chat room or messages you).

Prophet - One of the original contributers who displays the dream and
Head of Prophets - One man, who lead the dream of the original team
Floating Spectare - A god to be feared, aborts users and chats which
violate good ethics and moral conduct.  There is no appeal.
Superiour Mystic Controller - Normally the server administrator, near
absolute control of operations.
Holographic Dictator - May violate all rules and security of the
service to enforce the wishes of the board, the gods and the Supreme
Invinsible Absolute Dictator - Has the power to disolve all
democratic operations in order to enforce the will of the Supreme
Supreme Commander of OverChat - Generally busy programming but hands
down demands to the dictators which will be executed.

If you wish to apply for a post email me.  I have decided on several
people who will be my right
hand men.

tk - Head of Prophets & Superiour Mystic Controller
Smat - Spiritual advisor to the gods.
Hale - User representitive
LogiBit - Initial rookie representitive
Cristi - Programmer
Jeff - Floating Spectare
MGEStudios - Member of the board
gooch - Member of the board
Poe - Member of the board
TKO - Member of the board
bit ieet - Member of the board
RLS - Member of the board
dj_keller - Floating spectare
h00t - Floating spectare
angel - Committee member