OCTurbo is a UNIX/DOS32/Win32 console mode client for OverChat.
Written by David Duncan Ross Palmer.
(C) Copyright 2002 Daybo Logic, all rights reserved.
Is is not an open source tool.

1) Requirements for running
2) Requirements for compiling
3) Other important information
4) Contact information

1) Requirements for running
OCTurbo does not rely on any external libraries, it is a statically built
self-sufficient program.  Just run it from DOS as octurbo or from UNIX/Linux
as ./octurbo

2) Requirements for compiling
This section documents dependencies should you not be able to compile, check
this list first.

../../tv.conf <- Configuration to find Turbo Vision's library (UNIX)
Turbo Vision 0.7
GPM (Linux)
Blake + Blake's dependencies.

3) Other important information
There is no other information for now.

4) Contact information
Maintainer and author is Overlord@DayboLogic.co.uk
Administrator of the OverChat service is Haesu@TorwardEX.com
The OverChat website is http://www.overchat.net/
The OverChat development site is http://www.daybologic.co.uk/overchat/