Anonymous committed e4543f6

- path field in location increased from 126 to 255 to accomodate larger path hdr from overSIP.
Reported by Vallimamod Abdullah
Closing bug report #3606244

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File db/schema/location.xml

-        <size>&uri_len;</size>
+        <size>&hf_len;</size>
         <description>Path Header(s) per RFC 3327</description>

File scripts/mysql/usrloc-create.sql

     domain CHAR(64) DEFAULT '' NOT NULL,
     contact CHAR(255) DEFAULT '' NOT NULL,
     received CHAR(128) DEFAULT NULL,
-    path CHAR(128) DEFAULT NULL,
+    path CHAR(255) DEFAULT NULL,
     expires DATETIME DEFAULT '2020-05-28 21:32:15' NOT NULL,
     q FLOAT(10,2) DEFAULT 1.0 NOT NULL,
     callid CHAR(255) DEFAULT 'Default-Call-ID' NOT NULL,

File scripts/oracle/usrloc-create.sql

     domain VARCHAR2(64) DEFAULT '',
     contact VARCHAR2(255) DEFAULT '',
     received VARCHAR2(128) DEFAULT NULL,
-    path VARCHAR2(128) DEFAULT NULL,
+    path VARCHAR2(255) DEFAULT NULL,
     expires DATE DEFAULT to_date('2020-05-28 21:32:15','yyyy-mm-dd hh24:mi:ss'),
     q NUMBER(10,2) DEFAULT 1.0 NOT NULL,
     callid VARCHAR2(255) DEFAULT 'Default-Call-ID',

File scripts/postgres/usrloc-create.sql

     domain VARCHAR(64) DEFAULT '' NOT NULL,
     contact VARCHAR(255) DEFAULT '' NOT NULL,
     received VARCHAR(128) DEFAULT NULL,
-    path VARCHAR(128) DEFAULT NULL,
+    path VARCHAR(255) DEFAULT NULL,
     expires TIMESTAMP WITHOUT TIME ZONE DEFAULT '2020-05-28 21:32:15' NOT NULL,
     callid VARCHAR(255) DEFAULT 'Default-Call-ID' NOT NULL,