replaceables / SleepX.H


/* Non-platform specific replacable header, this will include
the appropriate header based on the mandatory definition OS_*/
#if defined(__OS_WIN_3__) /* Windows 3.0 ? */
	#include "Replace\Win16bit\_Sleepx.H" /* Use Windows 16-bit version */
#elif defined(__OS_WIN_NT__) /* Windows NT? */
	#include "Replace\Win32s\_Sleepx.H" /* Use Win32s version */
#elif defined(__OS_WIN_95__) /* Windows 95? */
	#include "Replace\Win32s\_Sleepx.H" /* Use Win32s version */
#elif defined(__OS_WIN_98__) /* Windows 98? */
	#include "Replace\Win32s\_Sleepx.H" /* Use Win32s version */
#elif defined(__OS_WIN_3_1__) /* Windows 3.1? */
	#include "Replace\Win16bit\_Sleepx.H" /* use 16-bit Windows version */
#elif defined(__OS_WIN_3_11__) /* Windows 3.11? */
	#include "Replace\Win16bit\_Sleepx.H" /* Use 16-bit Windows version */
#elif defined(__OS_DOS__) /* DOS? */
	#include "Replace\DOS\_Sleepx.H" /* Use the good old DOS version */
#elif defined(__OS_MAC__) /* Mac? */
	#include "Replace\Mac\_Sleepx.H" /* Use the one designed for the Mac */
#else /* Oh-no! */
	#error ("Must define OS macro or add function for OS and update standards")
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