slice / FebBugs.txt

Full commit
Bugs on 29th February (just before missed deadline on
1st March).  The Slice program STILL isn't right!!!

Program is working safely for one disk, but that
eliminates the point of the program doesn't it!

Bug 0: Restart wizard should be automatically disabled
when clicked. - FIXED: Added code in CEBackAndNextProcess()

Bug 1: Page indicator is not updated when slice progress
begins, because slice process begins when the page is
switched it always says 3/4 not 4/4 for this page unless
it fails.  - FIXED: Moved up call of UpdatePageStats()
from after the code in SetWizPage() to the top (before
the code for that change), therefore the call to
SlicinigStatusController.Start() does not take control
away from the page switcher until it's job is complete.

Bug 2: Page four only seems to work properly when
switched to the first time in each program execution,
if done again the Splice copier works but the slicing
doesn't happen. - FIXED: An obscure error which was a
result of the drive letter component handing out 'A'
once which was used to start a pathname and then using
the number 1 the next time!

Bug 3: Gauges (progress meters) don't work

Bug 4: Hint mechanism sticks while slicing - FIXED:
While the hint special effect is in operation (extending
or retracting) it the messages are not processed, there
is now no time delay in the height changes of the form,
it still seems to move to the caller, I didn't think
think it would but it still seems to work with less code
and less chance for error.

Bug 5: When doing two (or more disks) the second disk
(or possibly the last, I don't know) writes past the
end of the source file and eventually causes an access
violation with a read of address 0xFFFFFFFF (or -1)
at which point the window has to be closed to get out as
the cancel button still works as a cancel and not a
close, it keeps on prompting the user if they are sure.

Bug 6: Prompt asking for disk displays scroll bars on
the crappy system at the training center, I think I
shall disable V.C.L.'s automatic scrolling support and
do some maths to ensure that all components are on the

Bug 7: Hint on cancel button stays the same even when it
becomes close, shall I split them up and hide one and
shoe the other to prevent these type of problems of one
thinking it's the other?

 - Overlord David Duncan Ross Palmer