trac-changeset-notifier / README

Trac Changeset Notifier Plugin

Author: Joongi Kim

This plugin unifies the changeset diff emails using Trac's notification
framework.  It is useful when you use multiple and heterogeneous
repositories in a single Trac instance.


 * Standard Python (tested on 2.6)
 * python-setuptools package

Install (from source)

  $ hg clone
  $ cd trac-changeset-notifier
  $ python install

Install (as an egg package)

Either download the pre-compiled egg or build it by yourself.
  $ easy_isntall TracChangesetNotifier-#.#-py#.#.egg

To build it manually:
  $ (same as above)
  $ python bdist_egg
The compiled egg file is stored in the dist directory.
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