Removing dimensions fail when dangling experiments are left in raw

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Removing a dimension from optspace fails to rename the experiment directions in scenarios like the following:

Assume the following initial optspace:

optspace = {
 'dim1' : [0,1,2],
 'dim2' : [0]

Now, say that all experiment were run, and the optspace is changed to

optspace = {
 'dim1' : [0,1],
 'dim2' : [0]

All experiments with dim1 = 2 are "dangling experiments", ie, they are in the raw directory, but are not valid. Actually one can remove them with dude clean --invalid.

The problem arises when one now remove dim2:

optspace = {
 'dim1' : [0,1]

Next time sum or list or run are called, the directories are suposed to be renamed, but it fails.

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  1. Stephan Creutz

    I am not able to reproduce that behavior. It might be that some important step is missing. On my side I did the following:

    1. I started from your initial optspace
    2. dude run
    3. remove 2 from dim1
    4. dude clean --invalid
    5. remove dim2 entirely
    6. dude list

    Which error message do you see?

  2. db7 reporter

    As far as I remember dude would exit with an exception. But I am also not being able to reproduce that. We can simply close this issue. What do you think?

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