Mark Chaimungkalanont avatar Mark Chaimungkalanont committed 19c69dd

[maven-scm] copy for tag atlassian-processutils-1.5-rc3

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 f583ef26fc4ceeefa968683749fa55f22afc59d2 atlassian-processutils-1.5-beta11
 c11b314b02f1c1490024dbc87623cfa0fc5f9e51 atlassian-processutils-1.5-rc1
 0006b2ff8f692eef47b9f5b149ddf02280d8abb6 atlassian-processutils-1.5-rc2
+5c95a4190871d8cfbc7bf61991bb0b8751288513 atlassian-processutils-1.5-rc3
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