Michael Heemskerk committed fd7b195

STASH-3117 Mark more members as volatile

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     private final AtomicBoolean canceled = new AtomicBoolean(false);
     private final List<String> command;
     private Map<String, String> environment;
-    private LatchedRunnable errorPump;
+    private volatile LatchedRunnable errorPump;
     private final ExecutorService executorService;
-    private long executionTimeout;
+    private volatile long executionTimeout;
     private final AtomicBoolean finished = new AtomicBoolean(false);
-    private ProcessHandler handler;
-    private long idleTimeout;
-    private LatchedRunnable inputPump;
+    private volatile ProcessHandler handler;
+    private volatile long idleTimeout;
+    private volatile LatchedRunnable inputPump;
     private volatile boolean inputPumpInterruptedAfterProcessFinished = false;
-    private long lastWatchdogReset;
+    private volatile long lastWatchdogReset;
     private final List<ProcessMonitor> monitors;
-    private LatchedRunnable outputPump;
-    private Process process;
+    private volatile LatchedRunnable outputPump;
+    private volatile Process process;
     private ProcessException processException;
     private boolean suppressSpecialWindowsBehaviour;
-    private long startTime;
+    private volatile long startTime;
     private File workingDir;
     private boolean useWindowsEncodingWorkaround;
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