David Black [Atlassian] committed 40e2725

SOY-33 : Also implement SoyJsSrcFunction to provide a javascript implementation as well.

Signed-off-by: David Black <>

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 import javax.annotation.Nonnull;
  * @since v2.2.0
-public class GetTextAsHtmlFunction implements SoyTofuFunction, SanitizedContentOperator
+public class GetTextAsHtmlFunction implements SoyJsSrcFunction, SoyTofuFunction, SanitizedContentOperator
     private final GetTextFunction getTextFunction;
+    public JsExpr computeForJsSrc(List<JsExpr> args)
+    {
+        return getTextFunction.computeForJsSrc(args);
+    }
+    @Override
     public SoyData computeForTofu(List<SoyData> args)
         return getTextFunction.computeForTofu(args);
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