David Black  committed 195faba

Accept and apply extraClasses & extraAttributes in the the form.buttons template which are applied to the outer div ('buttons-container').

Signed-off-by: David Black <>

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  • Branches soy_form_buttons_support_extraClasses_and_extraAttributes

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File src/soy/

  * @param content
  * @param? alignment 'left' or 'right' to align buttons to the left or right edge of the form.
  *                   Default is to align the left edge of the buttons with the left edge of the form field column.
+ * @param? extraClasses
+ * @param? extraAttributes
 {template .buttons}
-    <div class="buttons-container{if $alignment} {$alignment}{/if}">
+    <div class="buttons-container{if $alignment} {$alignment}{/if}{call aui.renderExtraClasses data="all" /}"
+     {call aui.renderExtraAttributes data="all" /}>
         <div class="buttons">
             {$content |noAutoescape}