dbsdev / sources / utils / threadpool / orig / KMQueue.h

// KMThreadPool_Win32.h
// Author: Keith Maggio
// Purpose: Our Threadpool Singleton class.
// Free for use and modification.
// Revision 1, September 5th, 2010
#ifndef _KM_QUEUE_H_
#define _KM_QUEUE_H_

#include "amp/amp_mutex.h"
using namespace kmp::threading;

namespace kmp{ 
namespace threading{ 
namespace algorithms{

    // Thread-Safe Two-Lock Queue
    // Based on the algorithm presented by Maged M. Michael & Michael L. Scott
    template<typename TYPE>
    class KMQueue
        struct tNode
            TYPE element;
            tNode* next;

            tNode(TYPE _elem, tNode* _next) : element(_elem), next(_next)
            tNode(TYPE _elem) : element(_elem), next(NULL)

        // Members
        tNode* _head;  // The head acts as a dummy/invalidated pointer. When an item is the head,
                        // then it's scheduled for deletion on the next pop (if it's not the last node
                        // in the queue).
        tNode* _tail;
        amp_mutex_t _headLock;
        amp_mutex_t _tailLock;

        // Deactivated Functions

        KMQueue& operator = (KMQueue&)

            tNode* dummy = new tNode(NULL, NULL);
            _head = _tail = dummy;

            delete _head;

        bool empty()
            if(_head->next != NULL)
                return false;
            return true;

        void push(TYPE item)
            tNode* node = new tNode(item);
                _tail->next = node;
                _tail = node;

        TYPE pop()
            tNode* node;
            TYPE value;
                node = _head;
                tNode* newHead = node->next;
                if(newHead == NULL)
                    // If only the head is left, then the queue is empty
                    // (Remember, the _head is considered invalidated)
                    return NULL;
                value = newHead->element;
                _head = newHead;
            delete node;
            return value;


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