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This is a simple app that that helps you subclass the Django User model. It makes use of the InheritanceQuerySet provided by Django-Model-Utils to make it possible for you to create as many subclasses of the User model as you like.

It's usually recommended to create a "user profile" model when you want to store additional information about each user. Unfortunately, this doesn't work at all if you need multiple user models with different information in each. It's also a bit of a pain to make sure a profile exists and get_profile() can sometimes introduce extra database queries.

Requirements and Installation

Django-User-Extension requires:

  • Django
  • Django-Model-Utils
  • setuptools or preferably distribute

Installation is as simple as:

pip install django-user-extension


You can install the latest development version from the hg repository with:

pip install -e hg+

Or from a tarball with:

pip install django-user-extension==dev


Django-User-Extension provides a modified authentication ModelBackend class that resolves the correct User subclass. This will ensure that request.user represents your subclass model. Simply add this to your

AUTHENTICATION_BACKENDS = ('user_extension.backends.SubUserModelBackend',)

Also provided is a modified admin UserAdmin class that will allow you to easily add your subclasses to the Django admin. If you try to use the default UserAdmin you'll get an error message when add any of your custom fields to fieldsets. Make sure you also add any required fields to add_fieldsets. You can use it like this in your

from user_extension.admin import SubUserAdmin

class CustomUserAdmin(SubUserAdmin):
    fieldsets = SubUserAdmin.fieldsets[:2] + (
        (None, {
            'fields': ('picture',)
    ) + SubUserAdmin.fieldsets[2:]
    add_fieldsets = SubUserAdmin.add_fieldsets + (
        (None, {
            'fields': ('picture',)

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