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We're building the world's best encyclopedia of video game knowledge. Join us.

Dbljump is:

  • a database of all the world's games, game companies, industry professionals, game characters and more
  • a Ruby on Rails application and JSON API that manages all that data
  • dbljump.com, where anyone can find beautifully-presented answers to their gaming trivia questions/knowledge thirst
  • a community of gamers who are passionate about compiling and curating the history of video games
  • a commercial enterprise that rewards our team and community


Why a new gaming reference?

Lots of gamers love gaming knowledge and the Internet. Many of us spend more time reading about and discussing games than playing them.

But nobody has yet created a gaming reference that rivals what IMDb does for movies - including IMDb itself, which features game data but isn't really built for it. Wikipedia has useful and detailed articles, but is lacking when it comes to relationships, images and video. None of the other dedicated databases (e.g. MobyGames) has established itself as the de facto Internet games reference.

All this gives us the opportunity to create an amazing, useful, modern, complete reference that becomes the Internet's first choice for video game knowledge.

Development: Rails API + JavaScript front-end

Dbljump is powered by two applications that we're currently building.

App Technologies Aims
REST API Ruby on Rails 5, JSON API, PostgresQL Define and manage data and users.
Web client JavaScript, Ember Provide a front-end at www.dbljump.com.

This is a commercial project

Dbljump needs to be a self-sustainable project that attracts talented people. That's why we have commercial ambitions, including a plan to reward our community with a percentage of ad revenue based on their monthly contribution.

Potential revenue sources include:

  • Web ads on an anticipated 10,000+ quality gaming articles
  • Affiliate marketing for thousands of games on top retailers
  • API licensing for other apps that need game data
  • 'Pro' subscriptions once we have gathered enough valuable industry data and created professional network


  1. Complete and launch a first version of the Dbljump database, API and client
  2. Create a strong brand
  3. Build the community
  4. Populate the database through automated systems and community involvement
  5. Become financially sustainable
  6. Reach the Alexa Top 100

Our values

'Gaming' is a huge industry, a massively popular hobby, and an even bigger global community. But in mass media, it isn't afforded the same respect as other forms of culture. There are several reasons for that: video games are an immature medium (i.e. they haven't been around as long) compared to art forms like music and film, and gaming's loudest voices often don't inspire respect.

Dbljump can help change that by creating an authoritative history of the world of video games, built on sound values. These values are:

  • PASSIONATE: We love video games and video game knowledge.
  • PRECISE: Our data and data structures accurately present the facts and model the games industry.
  • HUMBLE: We're respectful to the originators and owners of the data and intellectual properties we document.
  • UNPREJUDICED: Every gamer is welcome at Dbljump regardless of gender, orientation, background, and ability.
  • DYNAMIC: We improve what we do as the games industry evolves.

Why will Dbljump succeed?

Unique approach: We're passionate but pragmatic. We see value in good data design, quality editors, SEO, and great presentation. We will monetize smartly and sensitively.

Super-lean: We use open-source technology, the data we're gathering is free, and our founder team works for equity.

Strong team: We have skilled and passionate people, and we're attracting more.

Weak competition: Wikipedia and IMBDb weren't built for games. Rival projects lack quality.

Risks and challenges

Competitors already launched: But we can learn from their mistakes

No funding: But ready to seek at right moment

Limited experience shipping apps: But our skills and team are growing

Our team

Name Role Location About
Neil Wheatley Founder/Developer Manchester, UK Writer and makeshift Rails dev. This project is the only video game he plays.
Filip Andonov Designer Macedonia Bio coming soon.
Joan Piedra Developer Maryland, USA Bio coming soon.

Former team members

Tihomir Bjelajac, front-end development contributor Joan Odicio, developer

Want to be a founder of the best video game reference?

We want to hear from all kinds of contributors, especially data editors. Email neil@dbljump.com and tell us how you can help.