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Author: Dylan Bergeron Mikus
Created: 2011-11-28
Last Updated: 2011-11-28

This is my emacs configuration folder. I don't use a .emacs file,
but instead use the init.el file in this folder.

Following is a brief description of the parts of this directory:

    Does minor top-level setup and then loads a number of other files
    to outsource the customization

    Contains my written emacs configuration files. These are NOT files
    and directories that other people have made.

    Contains all code written by other people. As of now, not all external
    code has been moved here. I need to move everything here and change
    filepath references

    Contains notes and not emacs code. This is stuff mostly for my development
    notes and general design

    "Emacs Lisp Package Archive" manages emacs packages for easy install and

    A list of resources and requirements to download from

All other directories should probably be sorted into there proper places. Most
likely, the place for these other directories will be "others-elisp".
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