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       \ressubitem{Experience with Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7}
+    % FunctionalLibs
+    \begin{ressubsec}{FunctionalLibs}{Scala Open Source Project}
+                     {Contributor: December 2011--Current}
+      \ressubitem{Conversion of \textbf{15-210} class library to Scala}
+      \ressubitem{A parallel algorithms and data structures library}
+      \ressubitem{\emph{}}
+    \end{ressubsec}
     % The NHSGA
     \begin{ressubsec}{National High School Game Academy}{Pittsburgh, PA}
                       {Carnegie Mellon University Pre-College: Summer 2009}
   % Skills relevant to computer science, programming, etcetera
-    \resitem{\textbf{Operating Systems:} Mac OS X; UNIX; Linux (Debian);
-      Windows XP, Vista, 7}
-    \resitem{\textbf{Computer Languages:} Java, Python, C, SML, \LaTeX
+    \resitem{\textbf{Software:} Mac OS X, UNIX, Linux (Debian),
+      Windows, git, Mercurial, Emacs, Photoshop}
+    \resitem{\textbf{Computer Languages:} Java,
+      Python (Panda3D, NumPy, MatPlotLib), C, SML, \LaTeX