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% Dylan Mikus's Resume
% Created 19 January 2011
% Last modified 20 September 2011

% Basic document formatting




% Name and contact information
\newcommand{\name}{Dylan Mikus}
\newcommand{\address}{SMC 3065, 5032 Forbes Avenue; Pittsburgh, PA 15289}
\newcommand{\phone}{(717) 669-2139}

% New commands and environments

% Puts my name centered

% A ressection is a primary section of the resume

% A resitem is a simple list element in a ressection (first level)
	\item \begin{flushleft} #1 \end{flushleft}

% A ressubitem is a simple list element in anything but a ressection (second level)
	\item \begin{flushleft} #1 \end{flushleft}

% A resbigitem is a complex list element for stuff like jobs and education:
%  Arg 1: Name of company or university
%  Arg 2: Location
%  Arg 3: Title and/or date range
	\textbf{#1}---#2 \\

% This is a list that comes with a resbigitem

% This is a simple sublist

% Actual document content



  \vspace{-8pt} \rule{\textwidth}{1pt}

  \vspace{-1pt} {\small\itshape \address \hfill \phone; \email}


    % College
    \begin{ressubsec}{Carnegie Mellon University}{Pittsburgh, PA}
                       {Majoring in Computer Science}
      \ressubitem{GPA: 3.19 (overall), 3.33 (CS major)}
      \ressubitem{Projected Graduation Date: May, 2014}
      \ressubitem{Relevant courses:
        \textbf{15-122}: Imperative programming in C,
        \textbf{15-150}: functional programming,
        \textbf{15-251}: discrete math course,
        \textbf{15-210}: parallel algorithms and data structures,
        \textbf{15-213}: computer systems}
    % High School
    \begin{ressubsec}{Lampeter-Strasburg High School}{Lampeter, PA}{Graduated in
                      June, 2010}
      \ressubitem{$3^{rd}$ in class out of $298$ students}
      \ressubitem{Graduated with a 4.0 unweighted GPA, 4.4 weighted GPA}

  % Work and non-education related experience
    % Robotics Institute
    \begin{ressubsec}{Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute}{Pittsburgh, PA}
                     {Intent Prediction Engine Developer,
                       November 2011--Present}
      \ressubitem{Enhancing the intent prediction engine and developing tools
        for it}
      \ressubitem{Collaborating with other project teams
        (snackbot, visual recognition, etcetera)}

    % Put in One2One Inc. work experience
    \begin{ressubsec}{One2One Inc.}{Lancaster, PA}{Computer Technician: February
                      2010-Present, when not in school}
      \ressubitem{Hardware/software repair and minor network configuration}
      \ressubitem{Experience with Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7}

    % FunctionalLibs
    \begin{ressubsec}{FunctionalLibs}{Scala Open Source Project}
                     {Contributor: December 2011--Current}
      \ressubitem{Conversion of \textbf{15-210} class library to Scala}
      \ressubitem{A parallel algorithms and data structures library}

    % The NHSGA
    \begin{ressubsec}{National High School Game Academy}{Pittsburgh, PA}
                      {Carnegie Mellon University Pre-College: Summer 2009}
      \ressubitem{Learned Python, basic 3D modeling and image editing, and game
      \ressubitem{I was a producer for a video game project. Managed a team
      of artists and programmers}

    % JETS competition
    \begin{ressubsec}{Junior Engineering Technology Society}{Lampeter-Strasburg
                      High School, PA}{$11^{th}$ Grade}
      \ressubitem{Placed $4^{th}$ in the state in Division 7 for the multiple
                  choice section}
      \ressubitem{Placed $2^{nd}$ in the nation in Division 7}
      \ressubitem{Placed $7^{th}$ overall in the nation for the free response

  % Skills relevant to computer science, programming, etcetera
    \resitem{\textbf{Software:} Mac OS X, UNIX, Linux (Debian),
      Windows, git, Mercurial, Emacs, Photoshop}
    \resitem{\textbf{Computer Languages:} Java,
      Python (Panda3D, NumPy, MatPlotLib), C, SML, \LaTeX

    \resitem{Member of the National Honor Society}
    \resitem{AP Scholar with Distinction (6 AP classes, average of 4.5 on
    \resitem{National Merit Scholar Commended Student}
    \resitem{Volunteered at the Lancaster Science Factory and explained exhibits
      to visitors}
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