AccessPlusPython (0.29)

Copyright (c) 2003-4 David Boddie

This software is licensed under the MIT License. See the file, the LICENSE.txt file or for more information.


This is a snapshot of my Access protocol library which can also be run as a simple sharing application. It is provided "as is" (read the LICENSE.txt file) for those who might be interested in developing it further.

It is recommended that you run the application from the directory in which you unpacked this archive. Hence, there is no real need to use the DistUtils script. You can always type

python build

if you must.

Before you can share anything with other machines on your local network you must set up the .access configuration file. The sample configuration file "dot-access" can be customised to suit your needs then renamed and placed, if you wish, in your home directory. On Windows, this will be the %USERPROFILE% directory. You will also need a MimeMap file from a RISC OS machine. It should be placed in the same directory as the file.

At this point you are on your own. Read and understand the license again before proceeding.

If you wish to continue then type


and the application will attempt to create the shares you defined in your .access file. If this fails, or you want to stop it, CTRL-C will initiate the application's shutdown sequence.

Killing the process will also stop it but you may find that various threads are still active and sockets are still in use.

The application tries to work out the correct network settings based on the system's hostname. You can tell it to use the network details of a specific ethernet interface by running -i <interface>

If your IP address is on a class C subnet (ie, with netmask then should work correctly. If not, then must be modified by hand to set up its network addresses. Change the "Netmask" variable to match your netmask. You may also need to change the "Hostaddr" variable if your hostname resolves to the localhost address ( or

Firewall listens on UDP ports 32770, 32771 and 49171. You must ensure that these ports are not blocked by your firewall.


Access is not a secure system. Do not run as root.