CouchDB + .NET + Unit-Of-Work = ArmChair.

ArmChair has been built from the ground up with the following goals:

  • Unit-Of-Work pattern support - supporting the all or nothing commit.
  • POCO's - no base class or interface required. (Just add your own Id and Rev).
  • Conventions - where possible we implement small conventions to make the framework work for you.
  • Customisable - Add support for your IDs, Tracking, Serialization etc.
  • Use of an Indexing Service - Search by IDs, where the initial search can be executed on ElasticSearch / Solr / Lucene

Other Features

  • Mongo Query Support
  • Linq Support (Partial)
  • (configurable) Logs requests and responses, to assist development


its being worked on but you can find some here:


PM> Install-Package ArmChair.Core


  • .NET 4.5 + (Mono latest)
  • .NET Standard 1.6 + (.NET core 1.1 +)
  • CouchDB 2.0 +


Apache 2.0 licensed.

Building from source

To build this project you will need dotnet core

dotnet restore
dotnet msbuild /target:Build /p:Configuration=Release /p:BuildNumber=37
dotnet test

the buildNumber is optional, if not included it will set the patch number to 0.


Please ensure that you test the usage of this library, before using this in your production system.