Daniel Patterson


A simple wishlist application based on web.py. Designed to be used by a programmer (only editing interface is SQL), with a group of trusted people (friends and family) as there is very little security (but equally it is very easy to use).


a couple of scripts to very quickly scaffold out a project based on web.py - using a (sorry quite ugly) schema file (example given as withWebConf.py) you can very quickly create a sqlite backed website with a full admin interface with fine grained user controls (ie, people can have their own data and even shared types but control over only their own, and there is a concept of a super user or many). Depends on the web.py auth module, which is at http://bitbucket.org/dbp/web.py-auth-module/.


This is a simple collection of scripts I put together for an installation art piece I made.


A read-only wrapper around the api of the photo hosting site smugmug. Useful, but depends on an old (and perhaps strange) json library, so could use some updating.


forking to add option to add 'select_related' to the calls to in_bulk in InheritanceCastMixin as not having this causes huge numbers of queries (enough to make it not worth it to be using the QuerySet.cast() function).