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May 2009. daniel patterson (, BSD license.

A simple wishlist app based on Allows people to check off things they intend to buy, and uncheck if they make a mistake. assumes that people wont uncheck others boxes, using a small record of when things were checked and unchecked as a slight deterance. Don't use this anywhere where you think people would want to mess with you!

To get it running, you need an sqlite database file with two tables, items and checks. I've provided an empty one that should work, which means all you need to do is run:

python fastcgi

and then set up a web server to sit in front of it (I use nginx, but lighttpd or the like would work equally). alternatively, you could use the built in debuggging web server with:

but don't put that anywhere where load is a concern!

And then of course to actually add items to the list you just need to insert rows into the database table 'items'. Since this was just something for me to use, it was easiest to just use:
sqlite3 data.db

and then use regular SQL to update it. ie:

INSERT into items  (name, dec, url, price, checked) VALUES ("Name", "Some longer description", "Url to where it can be bought", "$20", false);