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Tips On Working With Vintage Fabric

Vintage fabric has become increasingly popular recently. Whether it’s shabby chic or mid century modern! One person’s trash is another’s treasure and one person’s vintage textile is another’s old fashioned and unwanted bedroom curtain. If you have the best cheap sewing machine for beginners at home, then what are you waiting for? Start sewing and giving your home a new vintage appearance. Today I am going to tell you some useful tips on buying and working with such amazing piece of garment like vintage fabric.

#1 Fabric buying tips:

The tip is to open the folds of the fabric and then check for any existence of stains or tearing

The first step everyone should follow at the time of buying vintage fabric is to make sure you check it properly. The tip is to open the folds of the fabric and then check for any existence of stains or tearing. If the fabric is in excellent condition, you can buy it but don’t compromise on the condition as it can mess with your whole hard work and you are going to feel frustrated in the end.

You can also attend an auction. In an auction, you can witness the number of vintage fabrics and can bid on them. Who knows you will own a few pieces instead of having just one from the store due to your limited budget. Besides, you can try to look for the old stock but remember to check it carefully by stretching it to see if you can find any hole or stain. Although you can fix it with a few tricks, what’s the point of spending money on such things then? #2 Fabric care after sewing: Another thing which should be in your mind after cleaning and washing is to get help of dry cleaners. Never use a too hot iron on the vintage fabric because it can damage the fiber as well as the color of the fabric. In order to save your vintage fabric from the damage, you should care more about when washing.

If you intend to sew something from vintage fabric such as table runners or things for the home décor, then you should have an easy to use sewing machine for beginners (I suggest the Singer 4432) to deal with daily sewing tasks. #4 Cleaning:

We are uncertain about the vintage fabric we got whether it may be unused, carefully stored vintage material but the dyes may not be colourfast, and the fabric may shrink. So at the time of washing the vintage fabric, don’t use chemicals to avoid ruin the color of the vintage fabric. Because of the old age of the fabric, the strong washing powder can fade the color and can damage it. I advise you to use a 30-degree programme and non-biological washing powder for washing vintage fabric.

We are uncertain about the vintage fabric we got whether it may be unused

#5 Repairing Weakness:

If the vintage fabric is damaged from some little corner, you can repair it with the help of needles and threads. Just keep blending the base of the fabric with the thread in a way that seems like flawless. You can also sew some buttons and can do little embroidery to save the fabric from further damage. And now your project must be ready to exhibit.

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