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Ensure all types match using visual inspection

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 class SVECTOR(Structure):
 	_fields_ = [("words",       POINTER(WORD)),
 		    ("twonorm_sq",  c_double),
-		    ("userdefined", c_char),
+		    ("userdefined", POINTER(c_char)),
 		    ("kernel_id",   c_long),
 		    ("next",        POINTER(SVECTOR),
 		    ("factor",      c_double)]
                 ("deactnum",        c_long),
                 ("a_history",       POINTER( POINTER( c_double ) ) ),
                 ("maxhistory",      c_long),
-                ("last_a",          POINTER( c_long ) ),
-                ("last_lin",        POINTER( c_long ) ) ]
+                ("last_a",          POINTER( c_double ) ),
+                ("last_lin",        POINTER( c_double ) ) ]
 if __name__ == "__main__":
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