IF Maps

This repository is a collection of Interactive Fiction maps written in IFM format¹.

Note: none of these maps were approved by the author(s) of the original games and they are in no way guaranteed to be accurate or useful.

Some of these maps use options added to IFM 5.x, if you're still using a previous version you should upgrade to the latest version. Be carefull using these as examples for writting IFM maps, many do things the hard way since they were written for earlier versions of IFM.

If you make any maps using IFM (or come across any not found here), I'd appreciate it if you e-mailed me a link/copy or submit a pull request.

You can use ifm to build printable maps (as well as walkthoughs and item listings where available) from these source files or you can download pre-built versions from the download page.

Maps with task lists

Maps without tasks (or with broken task dependencies)

Unfinished/Partial Maps: (use at your own risk!)


Thanks to Glenn Hutchings, the author of IFM and several of the above maps. Thanks to all the Interactive Fiction authors for writing these games.

Thanks also to map contributions by:

  • Caroline Buckey
  • Daniel Biddle
  • David Ripton
  • Alan De Smet
  • Russ Smith
  • John Troxler

Appologies for anyone I've forgotten.

¹ Historical footnote

These files were originally in an old CVS repository that I migrated to Mercurial in November 2014. The map source and output Postscript were hosted at my old ISP. You can also access mostly up-to-date PostScript maps for individual games there.