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CRDatabase is an experimental fork of EGODatabase, a thread-safe 
Objective-C SQLite wrapper (which uses some code from FMDB), where
thread-safety is implemented via custom GCD queues. It also has some
asyncronious methods that use C blocks.

This project is **experimental**, as I'm learning GCD and blocks.
Do not use it in production. If, however, you find it ready for 
production use, please let me know - <> :)

You can find this project at <>

Links to original projects:

* EGODatabase: <>
* FMDB: <>

## Requirements

Mac OS X 10.6

## Classes

### CRDatabase

This is the class where you'll open your SQLite database file and execute queries through.
See CRDatabase.h for methods.

### CRDatabaseResult

This is the class returned by CRDatabase when running "executeQuery:".  
It supports fast enumeration, and contains properties for the column names, 
column types, rows, and errors if there are any.

### CRDatabaseRow

Every object that CRDatabaseResult contains, is an CRDatabaseRow.  
This is your raw data for each row.  You'll be able to return specific types 
based on different methods such as intForColumn: or dateForColumn:.  
Check out the header files for a complete listing.

## Example
See CRDB.m
## Note

Remember to link libsqlite3.dylib to your project!