Functions to compress and decompress ZIP files that preserve Mac OS X resource forks / extended attributes like Apple's Archive Utility.

How to use with Xcode

 * Add everything to your Xcode project.
 * Add "-lz" to Other Linker Flags.
Include (or import) "ziputil.h" and use the following functions:
    int compress_path(const char *source, const char *zipfile, int level);
    int decompress_path(const char *zipfile, const char *destination);


Using decompress\_path with untrusted archives is not recommended, as it doesn't sanitize paths (e.g. malicious archive can be crafted to fill user home folder with junk, or put something "nice" to ~/bin, by using relative paths ../../).

Somebody should fork this project and fix this (I don't use decompress\_path, and too lazy to add tests). Please. Thanks!


Distributed under zlib license.

Copyright (C) 2008 Dmitry Chestnykh, Coding Robots

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