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Fixing a bug in the form_helper where csrf_token_name and csrf_hash were referencing class properties in the Security class that were moved.

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File system/helpers/form_helper.php

 		// CSRF
 		if ($CI->config->item('csrf_protection') === TRUE)
-			$hidden[$CI->security->csrf_token_name] = $CI->security->csrf_hash;
+			$hidden[$CI->security->get_csrf_token_name()] = $CI->security->get_csrf_hash();
 		if (is_array($hidden) AND count($hidden) > 0)

File user_guide/installation/upgrade_202.html

 <p>If you are overriding or extending the Security library, you will need to move it to <kbd>application/core</kbd>.</p>
+<p><samp>csrf_token_name</samp> and <samp>csrf_hash</samp> have changed to protected class properties.  Please use <samp>security->get_csrf_hash()</samp> and <samp>security->get_csrf_token_name()</samp> to access those values.</p>
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