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Not storing keepalives on archive.log

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 void OS_Store(Eventinfo *lf)
+    if(strcmp(lf->location, "ossec-keepalive") == 0)
+    {
+        return;
+    }
             "%d %s %02d %s %s%s%s %s\n",


         char *tmp_msg = NULL;
         short int j = 0;
-        tmp_msg = os_LoadString(tmp_msg, al_data->log[0]);
-        if(tmp_msg == NULL)
-        {
-            FreeAlertData(al_data);
-            return(NULL);
-        }
         while(al_data->log[j] != NULL)
             tmp_msg = os_LoadString(tmp_msg, al_data->log[j]);
+            tmp_msg = os_LoadString(tmp_msg, "\n");
             if(tmp_msg == NULL)
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