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Tag Commit Date Download
tip e2fad0b
stable 46dd9c9
unstable 46dd9c9
1.0.20 46dd9c9
1.0.2 c5861f9
1.0.00 74ab6e6
0.8.50 dc95fc9
0.8.00 757b52d
0.7.80 03f2734
0.7.70 10ecb52
0.7.60 476671e
0.7.50 b36de49
0.7.41 1bfe0cc
0.7.40 4a47af9
0.7.30 cb75915
0.7.20 1de2f82
0.7.10 2b36c58
0.7.00 bdf5ae1
0.6.90 3df0857
0.6.80 71b2324
0.6.71 4ac904c
Branch Commit Date Download
default e2fad0b
i18nv2 741bff9
reports bb35cd8
conversationsv2 568cc6c
logSqlQueriesIntoFile d87834b
workflow 47954db
performance3 d95d9a9
commandLineUnitTests 0f917be
emailPasswords 3bfde2a
release 939d447
candidate ac05ab4
Mobile 6bd1b75
memcacheImprovements 6995efc
modalForMeeting cf23d1a
UI Lab d934c1e
stabilizingselenium ab023c7
IE bc3acfe
classbeanrefactor 64732e6
messageSourceComponent 8b27201
cliInstallationFix 0b65e66
composeAndSendEmail 55a5c3f
submitbugs 4735c1e
Themes b42b971
amCharts bc88b2a
ui0.8 e00b60b
0.7.60 6016a23
SavedSearch 4c99b60
convoandmissions 233f19f
gamification b25f154
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