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 %<python>__version__ = """
-  [2012/01/16 v2.3.3-94161450606b embedding Sage into LaTeX documents]
+  [2012/01/16 v2.3.3-69dcb0eb93de embedding Sage into LaTeX documents]
-%<latex>\newcommand{\ST@ver}{2012/01/16 v2.3.3-94161450606b}
+%<latex>\newcommand{\ST@ver}{2012/01/16 v2.3.3-69dcb0eb93de}
       long_description="""The SageTeX package allows you to embed code,
   results of computations, and plots from the Sage mathematics
   software suite ( into LaTeX documents.""",
-      version='2.3.1',
+      version='2.3.3',
       author='Dan Drake',