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documentation for noversioncheck option; v2.2.4

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 \ST@wsf{if _do_ver_check_ and sagetex.__version__.find('\ST@ver') == -1:}%
 \ST@wsf{ import sys}%
 \ST@wsf{ print '{0}.sage was generated with sagetex.sty version \ST@ver,'.format(sys.argv[0].split('.')[0])}%
-\ST@wsf{ print 'but is being processed by sagetex.py version {0}.'.format(join(sagetex.__version__.strip().strip('[').split()[0:2]))}%
+\ST@wsf{ print 'but is being processed by sagetex.py version {0}.'.format(join(sagetex.__version__.strip('[').split()[0:2]))}%
 \ST@wsf{ print 'SageTeX version mismatch! Exiting.'}%
 \ST@wsf{ sys.exit(int(1))}}%
 %    \end{macrocode}

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   [2010/02/15 v2.2.4 embedding Sage into LaTeX documents]
 %<latex>\newcommand{\ST@ver}{2010/02/15 v2.2.4}
 % \fi
-% \CheckSum{341}
+% \CheckSum{357}
 % \CharacterTable
 %  {Upper-case    \A\B\C\D\E\F\G\H\I\J\K\L\M\N\O\P\Q\R\S\T\U\V\W\X\Y\Z
 % Because of this, I strongly recommend using \ST only from what is
 % included with Sage and ignoring what's included with \TeX Live.
+% \paragraph{The noversioncheck option}
+% As of version 2.2.4, \ST automatically checks to see if the versions
+% of the style file and Python module match. This is intended to prevent
+% strange version mismatch problems, but if you would like to use
+% mismatched sources, you can---at your peril---give the
+% |noversioncheck| option when you load the \ST package. Don't be
+% surprised if things don't work when you do this.
+% If you are considering using this option because the Sage script
+% complained and exited, you really should just get the \LTX and Python
+% modules synchronized. Every copy of Sage starting with version 4.3.2
+% comes with a copy of |sagetex.sty| that is matched up to Sage's
+% baked-in \ST support, so you can always use that. See the
+% \href{http://sagemath.org/doc/installation/}{\ST section of the Sage
+%   installation guide}.
 % \subsection{Using \TeX Shop}
 % \label{sec:using-texshop}
 % \changes{v2.0.1}{2009/03/10}{Add \TeX Shop info}