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Dan Drake  committed 55de9d8

Take server, etc stuff from remote-sagetex out of .ins preamble.

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-% ...and, for remote-sagetex, define yet another preamble with some
-% variables at the top, so it's easy for users to find them and alter
-% them.
-\def\rspypreamble{\hash!/usr/bin/env python^^J^^J%
-\hash\space You can fill in your information here, or you can set^^J%
-\hash\space any of these to None and the script will ask you to^^J%
-\hash\space provide them if you don't specify them as command-line^^J%
-\hash\space arguments.
-server = None \hash\space 'http://foo.com:8000', https works too^^J%
-username = None \hash\space 'my_name'^^J%
-password = None \hash\space 's33krit'^^J^^J%