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"example.sage" -> "example.sagetex.sage" in example.tex

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 % General example LaTeX file for including Sage calculations and plots
 % Build with:
-%   (pdf)latex example.tex; sage example.sage; pdflatex example.tex
+%   (pdf)latex example.tex; sage example.sagetex.sage; pdflatex example.tex
 % Please read README and the documentation of the SageTeX package for
 % more information!
   1/5*x^5 - 1/4*x^4 + 1/3*x^3 + x + 1
 Note that the ``$f$ called with\ldots'' stuff doesn't get typeset, since
-when running Sage on \texttt{example.sage}, that gets printed to the
+when running Sage on \texttt{example.sagetex.sage}, that gets printed to the
 When typesetting your document, the validity of the outputs is not