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more fixups prepping for #10908; couple other little changes

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 include remote-sagetex.py
 include scripts.dtx
 include py-and-sty.dtx
+include tkz-berge.sty
+include tkz-graph.sty
+include Makefile

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 % Please read README and the documentation of the SageTeX package for
 % more information!
+% If you'd like a prebuilt version of this file and your Sage
+% installation does not have one in SAGE_ROOT/local/share/doc/sagetex,
+% you can either build it by reinstalling this spkg with the environment
+% variable SAGE_SPKG_INSTALL_DOCS set to "yes" or download it from
+% http://bitbucket.org/ddrake/sagetex/downloads/example.pdf.
 \title{Examples of embedding Sage in \LaTeX{} with \textsf{Sage\TeX}}
 package for this to work; that package in turn depends on
 \href{http://altermundus.com/pages/graph.html}{\texttt{tkz-graph}} and
-TikZ. See
+TikZ. Both of those files are distributed with Sage\TeX. See
   Options for Graphs''} in the Sage reference manual for more details.

File py-and-sty.dtx

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 _do_ver_check_ = \ST@versioncheck^^J%
 if _do_ver_check_ and sagetex.__version__.find('\ST@ver') == -1:^^J
   import sys^^J
-  print '{0}.sage was generated with sagetex.sty version \ST@ver,'.format(
+  print '{0}.sagetex.sage was generated with sagetex.sty version \ST@ver,'.format(
   print 'but is being processed by sagetex.py version {0}.'.format(
     ' '.join(sagetex.__version__.strip().strip('[').split()[0:2]))^^J

File sagetex.dtx

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   [2011/02/02 v2.3.1 embedding Sage into LaTeX documents]
-%<latex>\newcommand{\ST@ver}{2010/10/20 v2.3}
+%<latex>\newcommand{\ST@ver}{2011/02/02 v2.3.1}
 % \fi
-% \CheckSum{562}
+% \CheckSum{563}
 % \CharacterTable
 %  {Upper-case    \A\B\C\D\E\F\G\H\I\J\K\L\M\N\O\P\Q\R\S\T\U\V\W\X\Y\Z
 %   Sage scripts in the same directory as your \ST-ified \LTX documents,
 %   use a different file name!}
-%   \noindent\warningbox{\textbf{WARNING!} Speaking of filenames, \ST
+% \noindent\warningbox{\textbf{WARNING!} Speaking of filenames, \ST
 %   really works best on files whose names don't have spaces or other
 %   ``funny'' characters in them. \ST \emph{should} work on such
 %   files---and you should let us know if it doesn't---but it's safest
 %   to stick to files with alphanumeric characters and ``safe''
-%   punctuation (i.e., nothing like |<|, |"|, |!|, |\| or other
-%   characters that would confuse a shell).}
+%   punctuation (i.e., nothing like |<|, |"|, |!|,
+%   \texttt{\bslash}, or other characters that would confuse a
+%   shell).}
 % \paragraph{The final option} On a similar note, \ST, like many \LTX
 % packages, accepts the |final| option. When passed this option, either