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bump version in setup.py; add note about ticks on axes

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 % appropriate, or useful. (For instance, look at the sine plot above---I
 % would say that a truly lovely plot of the sine curve would not mark
 % integer points on the $x$-axis, but rather $\pi/2$, $\pi$, $3\pi/2$,
-% and $2\pi$.)
+% and $2\pi$. Incidentally, you can do this in Sage: do
+% |sage.plot.plot?| and look for |ticks| and |tick_formatter|.)
 % Till Tantau has some good commentary on the use of graphics in the
 % \href{http://www.ctan.org/tex-archive/help/Catalogue/entries/pgf.html}{``Guidelines

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       long_description="""The SageTeX package allows you to embed code,
   results of computations, and plots from the Sage mathematics
   software suite (http://sagemath.org) into LaTeX documents.""",
-      version='2.2.5',
+      version='2.3',
       author='Dan Drake',