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 % Please read README and the documentation of the SageTeX package for
 % more information!
+% If you'd like a prebuilt version of this file and your Sage
+% installation does not have one in SAGE_ROOT/local/share/doc/sagetex,
+% you can either build it by reinstalling this spkg with the environment
+% variable SAGE_SPKG_INSTALL_DOCS set to "yes" or download it from
 \title{Examples of embedding Sage in \LaTeX{} with \textsf{Sage\TeX}}
 package for this to work; that package in turn depends on
 \href{}{\texttt{tkz-graph}} and
-TikZ. See
+TikZ. Both of those files are distributed with Sage\TeX. See
   Options for Graphs''} in the Sage reference manual for more details.