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+Reset \texttt{x} in Sage so that it's not a generator for the polynomial
+ring: \sage{var('x')}
 \subsection{3D plotting}
 3D plotting right now is problematic because there's no convenient way
 % passing an option to includegraphics
+\section{Pausing Sage\TeX}
+Sometimes you want to ``pause'' for a bit while writing your document if
+you have embedded a long calculation or just want to concentrate on the
+\LaTeX{} and ignore any Sage stuff. You can use the \verb|\sagetexpause|
+and \verb|\sagetexunpause| macros to do that.
+A calculation: $\sage{factor(2^325 + 1)}$ and a code environment that
+simulates a time-consuming calculation. While paused, this will get
+skipped over.
+  import time
+  time.sleep(15)
+Graphics are also skipped: \sageplot{plot(2*sin(x^2) + x^2, (x, 0, 5))}
 \section{Make Sage write your \LaTeX{} for you}
 With \textsf{Sage\TeX}, you can not only have Sage do your math for you,
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