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 \title{Examples of embedding Sage in \LaTeX{} with \textsf{Sage\TeX}}
 \author{Dan Drake and others}
 % If you want SageTeX to use Imagemagick's `convert' utility to make eps
 % files from png files when generating a dvi file, add the "imagemagick"
 % option above:
 You can't do assignment inside \verb|\sage| macros, since Sage doesn't
 know how to typeset the output of such a thing. So you have to use a
 code block. The elliptic curve $E$ given by $\sage{E}$ has discriminant
 You can do anything in a code block that you can do in Sage and/or
 Python. Here we save an elliptic curve into a file.'E2')
-The 9999th Fourier coefficient of $\sage{E}$ is 
+The 9999th Fourier coefficient of $\sage{E}$ is
 The following code block doesn't appear in the typeset file\dots