1. Dan Drake
  2. SageTeX


SageTeX / TODO

* What about graphs and TikZ?

* http://groups.google.com/group/sage-devel/browse_thread/thread/f95dfbf6caea17cb/67c77a05bb567940

* work out "remote SageTeX"

* syntax package for convenient typsetting of function names, etc   
*   blah blah the function |euler_phi| is blah

* make the #@ thing for sagecommandlinemore flexible; figure out what
   happens if you happen to have #@ earlier in the line, etc.

* update remote-sagetex for new names:

* problem with big files:

* Nicolas, 25 nov 2011: <20111125231142.GF12879@zephyr> (and other
   messages in that thread)

* script for Texworks:
  also look into Cygwin stuff to see if we have that working