AppleScriptPubSubCrash / AppleScriptPubSubCrash.sdef

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE dictionary SYSTEM "file://localhost/System/Library/DTDs/sdef.dtd">
<dictionary title="AppleScriptPubSubCrash Terminology">
	<suite name="Standard Suite" code="????" description="Common classes and commands for all applications.">
		<enumeration name="save options" code="savo">
			<enumerator name="yes" code="yes " description="Save the file."/>
			<enumerator name="no" code="no  " description="Do not save the file."/>
			<enumerator name="ask" code="ask " description="Ask the user whether or not to save the file."/>
		<enumeration name="printing error handling" code="enum">
			<enumerator name="standard" code="lwst" description="Standard PostScript error handling"/>
			<enumerator name="detailed" code="lwdt" description="print a detailed report of PostScript errors"/>
		<record-type name="print settings" code="pset">
			<property name="copies" code="lwcp" description="the number of copies of a document to be printed" type="integer">
				<cocoa key="NSCopies"/>
			<property name="collating" code="lwcl" description="Should printed copies be collated?" type="boolean">
				<cocoa key="NSMustCollate"/>
			<property name="starting page" code="lwfp" description="the first page of the document to be printed" type="integer">
				<cocoa key="NSFirstPage"/>
			<property name="ending page" code="lwlp" description="the last page of the document to be printed" type="integer">
				<cocoa key="NSLastPage"/>
			<property name="pages across" code="lwla" description="number of logical pages laid across a physical page" type="integer">
				<cocoa key="NSPagesAcross"/>
			<property name="pages down" code="lwld" description="number of logical pages laid out down a physical page" type="integer">
				<cocoa key="NSPagesDown"/>
			<property name="requested print time" code="lwqt" description="the time at which the desktop printer should print the document" type="date">
				<cocoa key="NSPrintTime"/>
			<property name="error handling" code="lweh" description="how errors are handled" type="printing error handling">
				<cocoa key="NSDetailedErrorReporting"/>
			<property name="fax number" code="faxn" description="for fax number" type="text">
				<cocoa key="NSFaxNumber"/>
			<property name="target printer" code="trpr" description="for target printer" type="text">
				<cocoa key="NSPrinterName"/>
		<class name="application" code="capp" description="The application&apos;s top-level scripting object.">
			<cocoa class="NSApplication"/>
			<element type="window" access="r">
				<cocoa key="orderedWindows"/>
			<property name="name" code="pnam" description="The name of the application." type="text" access="r"/>
			<property name="frontmost" code="pisf" description="Is this the active application?" type="boolean" access="r">
				<cocoa key="isActive"/>
			<property name="version" code="vers" description="The version number of the application." type="text" access="r"/>
			<responds-to name="open">
				<cocoa method="handleOpenScriptCommand:"/>
			<responds-to name="print">
				<cocoa method="handlePrintScriptCommand:"/>
			<responds-to name="quit">
				<cocoa method="handleQuitScriptCommand:"/>
		<class name="window" code="cwin" description="A window.">
			<cocoa class="NSWindow"/>
			<property name="name" code="pnam" description="The title of the window." type="text" access="r">
				<cocoa key="title"/>
			<property name="id" code="ID  " description="The unique identifier of the window." type="integer" access="r">
				<cocoa key="uniqueID"/>
			<property name="index" code="pidx" description="The index of the window, ordered front to back." type="integer">
				<cocoa key="orderedIndex"/>
			<property name="bounds" code="pbnd" description="The bounding rectangle of the window." type="rectangle">
				<cocoa key="boundsAsQDRect"/>
			<property name="closeable" code="hclb" description="Does the window have a close button?" type="boolean" access="r">
				<cocoa key="hasCloseBox"/>
			<property name="miniaturizable" code="ismn" description="Does the window have a minimize button?" type="boolean" access="r">
				<cocoa key="isMiniaturizable"/>
			<property name="miniaturized" code="pmnd" description="Is the window minimized right now?" type="boolean">
				<cocoa key="isMiniaturized"/>
			<property name="resizable" code="prsz" description="Can the window be resized?" type="boolean" access="r">
				<cocoa key="isResizable"/>
			<property name="visible" code="pvis" description="Is the window visible right now?" type="boolean">
				<cocoa key="isVisible"/>
			<property name="zoomable" code="iszm" description="Does the window have a zoom button?" type="boolean" access="r">
				<cocoa key="isZoomable"/>
			<property name="zoomed" code="pzum" description="Is the window zoomed right now?" type="boolean">
				<cocoa key="isZoomed"/>
			<responds-to name="close">
				<cocoa method="handleCloseScriptCommand:"/>
			<responds-to name="print">
				<cocoa method="handlePrintScriptCommand:"/>
			<responds-to name="save">
				<cocoa method="handleSaveScriptCommand:"/>
		<command name="make" code="corecrel" description="Create a new object.">
			<cocoa class="TCCreateCommand"/>
			<parameter name="new" code="kocl" description="The class of the new object." type="type">
				<cocoa key="ObjectClass"/>
			<parameter name="at" code="insh" description="The location at which to insert the object." type="location specifier" optional="yes">
				<cocoa key="Location"/>
			<parameter name="with data" code="data" description="The initial contents of the object." type="any" optional="yes">
				<cocoa key="ObjectData"/>
			<parameter name="with properties" code="prdt" description="The initial values for properties of the object." type="record" optional="yes">
				<cocoa key="KeyDictionary"/>
			<result description="The new object." type="specifier"/>
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