Dave Dribin  committed de0d4b9

Make Double the initial window size, again

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File changelog.yml

     - Upgrade to 0.111 core.
     - Add audio effects using any available Audio Unit.
     - Add preference to preserve game aspect ratio.  It's on by default.
-    - Initial window size is now maximized.  Now a preference.
+    - Add preferences for initial window size.
     - Add preference to disable smooth UI font.
     - Add preference to choose how frames are rendered.
     - Add preference to choose which thread frames are rendered in.

File osx/MamePreferences.m

     [defaultValues setObject: [NSNumber numberWithBool: YES]
                       forKey: MameCheckUpdatesAtStartupKey];
-    [defaultValues setObject: MameZoomLevelMaximum
+    [defaultValues setObject: MameZoomLevelDouble
                       forKey: MameWindowedZoomLevelKey];
     [defaultValues setObject: MameZoomLevelMaximumIntegral