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Balbuzard Installation



Balbuzard requires a Python 2.x interpreter. Python 2.7 or 2.6 are recommended, to enable all features.

Python 3 is not supported yet. Please contact me if you are interested by Python 3 support.


Yara-python is optional but highly recommended. It is necessary for balbuzard to support Yara signatures, in order to detect many more patterns in malware.


If you plan to use the Balbuzard scripts as command line tools:

Just unzip the archive in any folder, and run the scripts from that folder. You may also add that folder to your PATH so that you can run them from anywhere.

If you plan to import this package in your python applications:

On Windows, double-click on install.bat.

On all platforms, open a shell and run:

python install

If you have setuptools or pip installed, you may also use "easy_install balbuzard" or "pip install balbuzard" to download and install the latest version of Balbuzard automatically.

Balbuzard on REMnux

Since May 2014, Balbuzard 0.19 has also been included in the REMnux v5 distribution. The tools are pre-installed and ready to use.

You may run the tools simply by going to a writable directory such as the remnux user home (just type "cd"), then run all the tools from /usr/local/balbuzard.

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