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bbtrans can apply any of the (de)obfuscation Transforms from bbcrack (XOR, ROL, ADD and various combinations) to a file.

It is part of the Balbuzard tools.


Usage: [options] <filename>

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -t TRANSFORM, --transform=TRANSFORM
                        transform to be applied (or "-t list" to display all
                        available transforms)
  -p PARAMS, --params=PARAMS
                        parameters for transform (comma separated list)
                        if the file is a zip archive, open first file from it,
                        using the provided password (requires Python 2.6+)

How to select input files

See balbuzard.

How to select transforms

Use the option -t, followed by the transform short name: see Transforms and bbcrack.

How to specify parameters

Use the option -p, followed by one or several parameters corresponding to the transform. See Transforms or run " -t list" to check which parameters are required for each transform.

Parameters must be written in hexadecimal format. If there are several parameters, use commas to separate them, without space.

Output files will be created with the same name as input files, with the short name of the transform including parameters.

Examples: sample.exe -t xor -p 4F

This will produce a file named sample_xor4F.exe. sample.exe -t xor_rol -p 4F,3

This will produce a file named sample_xor4F_rol3.exe.

How to extend the list of patterns and transforms

See Transforms and bbcrack. Transforms and plugins are shared between bbcrack, bbharvest and bbtrans.

How to use bbtrans in your python applications


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