missing close method

Philippe Lagadec avatarPhilippe Lagadec created an issue

Hi guys,

I just found your excellent module today and it really helped me out of a bind. However I had one issue which I suspect might eventually bite other folks. I discovered that an OleFileIO object doesn’t give up its file handle until the GC destroys it. I hacked in a close method which closes the file handle, but it seems to me this should be an official feature of the module.

Just thought I’d drop a line. Thanks for the great module, and keep up the good work!

Note PL: A workaround is to call ole.fp.close() when all processing is finished, but this should be an explicit close() method of the OleFileIO class.

Comments (3)

  1. Anonymous

    I can confirm the same thing. Using the 'ole.fp.close()' workaround corrected the open filepointer issue.

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